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Transform Your Trading Experience with Our Telegram Bot!


Effortlessly manage your finances and trade cryptocurrencies with simple Telegram commands. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of investing with real-time insights, automated expense tracking, and smart trading features, all in one intuitive bot.



Effortless Financial Mng

Say goodbye to the hassle of keeping track of expenses. With our bot, you can effortlessly process receipts from major stores like Trader Joe's, Costco, and Walmart, ensuring that every expenditure is meticulously recorded and easily accessible.


Smart Crypto Trading

Navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency with ease. From real-time market analysis to executing trades on Binance, our bot is equipped with advanced features to help you make informed decisions. Set target profits, manage positions, and stay ahead of the market trends, all within your Telegram!


Instant Information Access

Curious about a coin's performance or the latest hot coins of the day? Get all the information you need with simple commands. Our bot brings the entire crypto market to your fingertips, providing instant insights and updates.

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Telegram Bot Help Page



Welcome to our Telegram Bot!** This bot is designed to assist with various tasks, including managing expenditure records, cryptocurrency trading, and more. Below you will find a guide to the various commands and their purposes.

General Commands

  • /start: Get started with the bot.

  • /help: Get help information.

  • /chatgpt or /gpt: Chat with GPT for general queries.

  • /set_bot_menu: Set the bot's menu for easier navigation.


Financial Management

  • /get_expenditure_info: Get the total spend of any given year and month.

  • /get_expenditure_now: Retrieve the current year and month's expenditure.

  • /alter_expenditure_record: Modify an existing expenditure record.

  • /sum_category_merchant: Calculate the total expenditure for a specified category and merchant.


Cryptocurrency Trading

  • /btc_rsi_chart: Get the BTC chart with RSI for specified timeframes (1M, 1w, 1d).

  • /add_ignore_coin: Add a coin to the ignore list in trading.

  • /remove_ignore_coin: Remove a coin from the ignore list.

  • /get_coin_info: Get detailed information about a specific cryptocurrency.

  • /analyze_symbol: Analyze the current market situation for a given coin.

  • /binance_position_check: Check the current positions and profits in Binance.

  • /position_coin_check: Check the positions and profits of a specific coin in Binance.

  • /binance_market_sell: Execute a market sell of a specified coin in Binance.

  • /binance_market_buy: Execute a market buy of a specified coin in Binance.

  • /coin_deposit_address: Get the deposit address for a specific coin and network in Binance.

  • /close_all_positions: Close all positions in Binance.

  • /set_target_profit: Set the target profit for the trading bot.

  • /set_position_limit: Set a limit on the position for a specific coin.


Bot Management

  • /switch_on_bot: Activate the trading bot for automated buying.

  • /switch_off_bot: Deactivate the trading bot (sell only).

  • /read_bot_status: Check the current status of the trading bot.

  • /close_positive_positions: Close all positive positions in Binance.


Order Management

- `/cancel_all_orders`: Cancel all orders in Binance.
- `/open_orders_list`: Retrieve the list of open orders in Binance.


Utility Commands

  • /get_fibonacci_sequence: Generate the Fibonacci sequence for a given number.

  • /calculate_irr: Calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for an investment.

  • /gemini: Use Gemini API for generating answers.

  • /hash_sha256: Hash a string using SHA256 encryption.

  • /hash_md5: Hash a string using MD5 encryption.

  • /save_trivial_record: Save a record into the 'trivial_records' table.

  • /search_trivial_records: Search for information in the 'trivial_records' table.

  • /summarize_the_url: Summarize the content of a given URL.


Receipt Handling

Commands like `traderjoe`, `costco`, `walmart`, etc., are used to process receipts from respective stores and record expenditures.

Feel free to try out these commands and explore the functionalities of our bot. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to ask!

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Will be opensourced in the near future!

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