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33 Courses on Angel Investing

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

00. "Legends of Angel Investing in Silicon Valley" 01. "The Cosmic Rules of Angel Investing: Randomness and Probability" 02. "The Cosmic Rules of Angel Investing: Orthodoxy, Surprises, and Probability Games" 03. "The Cosmic Rules of Angel Investing: Path Dependence and Herd Mentality" 04. "The Cosmic Rules of Angel Investing: The Joy of Late Success" 05. "Billion-Dollar Companies: Riding the Wave at the Right Time" 06. "Investment Decisions: Judgments That Defy Intuition" 07. "10-Minute Pitch Tricks: Have a Drink Before You Go On Stage" 08. "Can There Be Disruption Without Core Technology? The Debate on Business Model Innovation" 09. "How to Value a Startup in the Angel Round?" 10. "Is There a Problem with Investing in Highly Attractive Startups?" 11. "World-Changing Inventions Are Often the Simplest" 12. "The Tide-Riders on the Crest of a Huge Wave" 13. "The Art of Investing in People: Self-Control" 14. "The Art of Investing in People: Leadership" 15. "The Art of Investing in People: The Paranoia Factor" 16. "The Art of Investing in People: Unique Thinkers" 17. "The Art of Investing in People: The All-In Gamblers"| 18. "Six-Word Mantra: Invest in Trends, Bet on People, Cultivate the Mind" 19. "Love, Mission, and Determination" 20. "Why Women Are More Suited for Angel Investing Than Men" 21. "How to Assess a Tech Project in the Angel Round" 22. "Why This Is Called the 'Worst' Era for Startups" 23. "The Problems with Institutionalizing Angel Investing" 24. "Why Silicon Valley Has the Most Unicorns in the U.S." 25. "Silicon Valley Revelations: The Government's Role in Its Development" 26. "Silicon Valley Revelations: New Energy and SolarCity" 27. "Silicon Valley Revelations: Artificial Intelligence 42" 28. "Silicon Valley Revelations: Biotechnology" 29. "Silicon Valley Revelations: The Hippie Makers" 30. "Silicon Valley Revelations: Algorithms" 31. "Three Things to Bet on in Angel Investing" 32. "Human Nature, Culture, and Systems"

The Chinese titles below are linked to external articles (wechat), each featuring a 1-minute video presentation by me.

00 硅谷天使投资传奇 01 天使投资的宇宙法则:随机和概率 02 天使投资的宇宙法则:守正出奇和概率博弈 03 天使投资的宇宙法则:路径依赖和从众心理 04 天使投资的宇宙法则:迟来的满足感 05 那些千亿美金的公司:风口和时机 06 投资决策:那些违反直觉的判断 07 10分钟路演诀窍:上台前喝一杯 08 没有核心技术的颠覆,谈什么商业模式的创新? 09 天使轮该如何估值? 10 投资高富帅有问题吗? 11 改变世界的发明都是极简的 12 巨浪尖的弄潮儿 13 投人心法之一:自控力 14 投人心法之二:领导力 15 投人心法之三:偏执狂 16 投人心法之四:思维方式独特的人 17 投人心法之五:孤注一掷的人 18 六字箴言:投势、赌人、修心 19 爱、使命和决心 20 女性比男性更适合做天使投资 21 如何判断一个天使轮的技术项目 22 为什么说这是“最坏”的创业时代 23 天使投资机构化的问题 24 为什么美国硅谷的独角兽最多 25 硅谷启示:政府对硅谷发展的作用 26 硅谷启示:新能源 SolarCity 27 硅谷启示:人工智能 42 28 硅谷启示:生物科技 29 硅谷启示:嬉皮士创客 30 硅谷启示:算法 31 天使投资要赌三件事 32 人性、文化和制度

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