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2016 China Private Equity Summit

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

2016 China Private Equity Summit

During this summit and award ceremony, PreAngel was recognized as one of the Top 20 Angel Investment Funds of the year.

  1. Selection Criteria and Frequency: The awards at the 2016 China Private Equity Fund Summit were organized by the China Mother Fund Alliance, with selection based on the scoring by its member units, supervised by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. To ensure objectivity and fairness, the Alliance established detailed evaluation criteria, encompassing about 20 characteristics including team performance, investment experience, coordination ability, fundraising capability, fund size, and risk control system. The frequency of the awards was not explicitly mentioned.

  2. Award Recipients: The summit presented 13 individual awards across categories like government-led funds, market-oriented mother funds, angel funds, venture capital (VC), and private equity (PE) funds. Twelve awards were for institutional rankings, and one was for the founding partners of institutions.

2016 China Private Equity Summit

On November 6, 2016, the “2016 China Private Equity Summit” was grandly held at the Beijing International Convention Center. The summit was organized by the China Fund of Funds Alliance, undertaken by the Leading Investors Center of China, and specially supported by the Tang Center.

The summit was packed with highlights, including the establishment ceremony of the China Private Equity Fund of Funds Alliance, exchanges between top fund of funds and funds, and an awards ceremony for top investment institutions. The standout feature was the release of the only national-level industry ranking: the 2016 China Private Equity Fund of Funds and Fund Ranking. The announcement attracted widespread attention, providing a fair and authoritative benchmark for China’s private equity fund industry, offering an objective assessment of the influence and professionalism of various investment institutions.

2016 China Private Equity Summit

This event boasted the most prominent and numerous lineup of industry heavyweights in history. Attendees included Zhuang Congsheng, former full-time Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and President of the China Private Economy Research Association; Zhang Zhihong, Director of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Torch Center; Yu Jun, District Chief of Haidian, Beijing; Li Yan, Deputy General Manager of Zhongguancun Development Group; Ji Xiaobing, Director of Beijing Science and Technology Cooperation Center; Shen Zhiqun, Chairman of China Venture Capital Committee; Wang Wenzhong, Vice Director of the Investment Professional Committee of China Industrial Development Promotion Association; Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings; Yin Zhe, Founding Partner of Gopher Assets; Tang Jincan, Secretary-General of the China Fund of Funds Alliance, among other leaders and guests who attended and delivered speeches. Moreover, the summit featured many top domestic market-oriented fund of funds, government-led funds, outstanding angel funds, VC firms, and PE firms, making the venue truly star-studded.

2016 China Private Equity Summit
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