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Investment Industry Hundred People Forum

On March 16, 2018, the “2018 Investment Circle Top 100 Forum,” hosted by Zero2IPO Group along with Pedaily and New Seed and co-hosted by Legend Capital, Lenovo Star, and Galaxy Internet, with support from Langwan Technology, New Seven Days, Sun of Star, and Super-in, was successfully held at the Ritz-Carlton in Yalong Bay, Sanya. The summit served as a compass for investment directions in the new era and brought together over a hundred top investors to discuss trends and deeply analyze the secrets of investing in hot areas such as the internet, consumer upgrades, and intelligent technology.

In the spring sunshine of Sanya, industry leaders engaged in lively discussions about equity investment at sunrise on the beach. By sunset, they joined in a poetry and wine-themed party hosted by Qingshan Capital, accompanied by a fresh lineup of entertainment including a poker tournament. The forum in Sanya, amidst coconut trees and evening glows, poetry, wine, and leisurely poker games, was filled with highlight after highlight.

The forum featured a distinguished roster of investment leaders and business luminaries such as Yan Yan, founding managing partner of SAIF Partners; Xu Xiaoping, founder of ZhenFund and co-founder of New Oriental; Cao Guoxiong, chairman of Puhua Group and founder of Toutou Shidao Fund; Jiang Nanchun, chairman of Focus Media; Li Zhu, founding partner of INNO Angel Funds; Li Jiaqing, managing director of Legend Capital; Shao Jun, founding managing partner of Detong Capital; and Xu Chen, managing partner of Gobi Partners. They all came together to explore the new developments in equity investment markets under the new era and trends of 2018.

Where will the 2018 investment trends head? What hot investment fields will the industry bring forth? How long will the current craze for “blockchain investment” last? Ni Zhengdong, the founder and chairman of Zero2IPO Group, offered his unique insights on these industry hot topics, stating, “The entire investment community is constantly embracing new things. We like the new but don’t reject the old. Today, regardless of what new projects we invest in, we are still investing in consumer goods, healthcare, education, and more, including areas we were previously optimistic or pessimistic about.”

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