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Self-awakening triggered by my father’s passing

I would like to dedicate this document to my father who just passed away. May he be well in heaven! Today is my 200th day of exercising. These 200 days have brought about huge changes in my body, mind and soul. It is no exaggeration to say that I have gained a new life!During this period, many friends asked me more than once, what made me decide on the "Battle of Spirits and Flesh" plan and stick to it?In the past, I always answered that it was because I read a book called "Return My True Colors". This book indeed played a big role in my "awakening". It can be said to be a "final kick". But the real source of strength behind it was the sudden bolt from the blue when my father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer!

On September 27, 2014, after my father suffered from advanced lung cancer for more than half a year, he finally left us. With endless grief and reluctance, he Leaving behind my mother and beloved children and grandchildren. I didn't have any plans to tell everyone about this, only a few friends knew about it.

However, in order to let more people "awaken" and let more young lives "bloom", I decided to share this story and my journey. This is the awakening that my father bought for me with his life. He spent his only life in exchange for my pursuit, exploration and valuing of the meaning of life.However, before telling my story, I want to share a more inspiring and touching true story. She is 1,000 times stronger than me. She is the modern "Joan of Arc" that we should recognize, encourage and strongly support. !

She is Mother Earth (Yi Jiefang)

In 2000, when Mother Yi was 52 years old, she devoted herself to public welfare, established the "Green Life" NGO organization, and began to plant trees for public welfare in Inner Mongolia. She and her husband spent all their time and savings to fulfill this "Green Life Commitment". Now Mama Yi has led volunteers to plant 2 million trees and green 50,000 acres of desert. The indirect impact is beyond statistics. She promised that in a few years, all these trees would be donated to local villagers free of charge.

Mother Yi is now 66 years old. What gives her such strong strength and selfless investment without any regard for reward? There must be a huge belief supporting her. After all, What kind of belief is it?

It turns out that in 2000, Yi's mother and her family lived in Japan. Their son Yang Ruizhe read many real reports about domestic desertification while studying abroad, so he had the idea to return to China to plant trees. wish. At this time, fate played a huge "joke" on Yi's mother and her husband. A sudden car accident ended the young life of their only son.

This was originally a tragedy of a white-haired man giving a black-haired man a gift, which is heartbreaking. Mother Yi and her husband could not bear the huge bad news at first, and they once thought about ending their lives. But secretly, her son's wish to plant trees made Mother Yi stand up again. She wanted to live a good and wonderful life for her son's wish.

This is a story 14 years ago. Mother Yi has persisted in her son’s dream for 14 years. A simple wish has indirectly benefited countless people, including us. , we all want to thank Yang Ruizhe for his dream, and we also want to thank Mama Yi and his wife for their persistence.

So, at the first event where I met Mama Yi, I announced in front of more than 1,000 people that I would donate 100,000. Not only did I want to donate, I also wanted to help Mama Yi. Establish a social communication model, one to two, two to four, and the baton is passed on like this. Planting trees is more meaningful than sponsoring a specific disease. Air poisoning is the main culprit of lung cancer and pneumonia for many people now. Every one of us is a victim.

Today, my 100,000 has been transferred to the "Mother Green Project Special Fund" of the "China Women's Development Foundation" as required, and the famous angel investor, founder of ChinaRen /Founder of Partner of Lebo Capital/President of China Youth Angels Association, Yang Ning, has also promised me to take over my baton and donate 100,000!

Leaving this world, although reluctant, is a relief;Staying in this world, although alive, is a kind of torture!

This is the truest portrayal of our state of mind when we face the death of our loved ones.However, there is nothing we can do about what has happened. The only thing we can do is to firmly believe that "everything is the best arrangement", face it positively, move forward bravely, find the meaning of life from the departure of our loved ones, and let the ones left behind People live more wonderfully, which is the best blessing for the deceased. It makes the lives of the deceased more meaningful and their departure more valuable.How to make your life more meaningful and exciting? Is it necessary to sacrifice the lives of loved ones to gain enlightenment and awakening? Can’t we gain strength, find faith, and inspire ourselves to work harder from the stories of others around us?To be honest, I am a little annoyed that I woke up too late. If I could have woken up a few years earlier, I would have paid attention to my parents' physical and mental health, and I would not have discovered my father's cancer so late, and my father would not have left us at the age of 63. Mom doesn’t have to grow old alone.But now that things have happened, we can only face it bravely, actively respond, and make meaningful changes to make my father's death more meaningful. So since his diagnosis, I have made a series of plans and persistence to make it possible. Share it with everyone:

1) Go to bed early and get up early every day and exercise for 1 to 2 hours every day. I have been doing this for 200 days and have lost 30 pounds of fat. I have become a sports body and have developed a healthy body. Good habits include going to bed early and getting up early, eating healthily and exercising regularly. In addition, I also like skateboarding and cycling, and I try to use environmentally friendly methods when I go out. This has become a habit of my life and does not require any reminder or supervision. I am very happy that I did it. This change has made all other changes behind me The basis for change, because the body is the capital of revolution. I now have the deepest understanding of the meaning of this sentence;
2) Because of my exercise habits, my brain and body are in particularly good condition, even better than when I was in college, so I have better energy and stamina to do more things, and I am interested in more things. I became curious, so I developed a second good habit: reading for at least one hour every day. In addition to reading, I also read popular science articles on some websites, open video courses, etc. Everything adds up. I used to complain about not having enough time, but I will never say that now. A little bit every day, and over time, there will be huge gains. I have just persisted with this habit for a month, and it has become a new habit that I am proud of;
3) A healthy diet, daily life and exercise have created a healthy body and mind. Daily reading has also improved my knowledge level and scope, making me interested in philosophical topics such as the origin of life, self-awareness, and free will. Recently, I have Most of the areas of thinking and reading are cosmic physics, quantum physics, life science, etc. I see more and more "magic" about life and the universe, and I feel more and more the greatness of life, and I also realize the universe and life. With the truth of "uncertainty" in development, we are increasingly convinced that "life" is created by intelligent life in higher dimensions. It should be said that I have established my own "belief system". Regarding the origin of life, my belief is closer to the structure of "The Matrix", but regarding the meaning and mission of life, my belief is closer to the Buddhist system. The power of faith is huge, and I have found a mission that I firmly believe in: helping more and more people change the world. I know that I can persevere until the end, and I am destined to gain endless energy on this road. I experience the happiness and joy of people with faith;
4) After my father passed away, my mother, who was a Buddhist, was very calm and called many Buddhist friends to chant sutras for my father 24 hours a day to save him. After 24 hours, my brother and I were allowed to enter the bedroom to check my father's body and change his clothes. Those who have watched the Japanese movie "The Embalmer" will definitely know the importance and difficulty of this part. My mother did not let us cry because we would cry. My father's soul was so entangled that he couldn't bear to leave and couldn't go to heaven. So we held back the tears and took off our father's clothes and wiped his already cold body. What's more amazing is that my father is not stiff at this time, and all the joints are flexible. Even when shaving his head, the two brothers helped him sit up. The "Mr. Yin and Yang" we invited to cut my father's hair said that he did it. After more than 30 years of service, this is the first time I can give a haircut to a "sitting person". The other deceased people have stiff bodies and can only lie down to shave their heads, scrub and change clothes. My mother's Buddhist friends were very happy. This was due to their chanting sutras. My mother was very, very happy. She strengthened her belief in Buddhism and firmly believed that her father had gone to a better place (the way of heaven). After the funeral arrangements were settled, my mother asked us children to continue to be vegetarians for 100 days for our father, just so that our father could have a better "treatment" in heaven. I think this request is not too much. Regardless of whether we believe in Buddhism or not, this is The greatest spiritual comfort to my mother is also the smallest filial piety I can do to my father who has passed away. Whether we believe it or not, being vegetarian for 100 days is beneficial and harmless. So I secretly made up my mind that after 100 days, I would completely become a vegetarian. I had had similar thoughts before. I always felt that eating animal meat was not very good, but I still couldn’t help but be greedy for meat and couldn’t control it. , I have been eating meat for 35 years, and this time, I have completely lost my appetite for meat. My father has been gone for more than 10 days. Before he left, he was tortured by illness. Relatively speaking, we can live healthily. Be grateful enough. Giving up eating meat is really a trivial "sacrifice". What's more, being vegetarian has endless benefits.

The changes little by little have made my life more and more exciting, my career more and more successful, and there are more and more shareholders and entrepreneurs who support me. This is all smooth sailing. Its natural. Birds of a feather flock together, and people flock together. Enterprising people can always make enterprising friends, get help from noble people, and naturally enter a healthy development track.Finally, I still want to ask everyone, why do we have the opportunity to travel in this world? When we receive life, have we ever made a commitment to the Creator and accepted a mission? Do we still remember our original intention? Who are we living for? How should we live? Are you satisfied with your life and work? If not, have you made any meaningful efforts to change? Are you having a good time? If you are unhappy, do you know the reason and take action to solve the problem? Do we passively muddle along, or do we actively make every day and every moment shine?Don’t forget your original intention and you will always succeed!

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