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CMU SUMMITOn US-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2015

This list is a curated collection of media reports and articles that encapsulate my journey and insights as an angel investor. It includes my academic engagements, like special events at Fudan University’s venture clubs, and features in major publications such as People’s Daily and Sohu, which discuss my investment philosophies and the adversity that unicorns face. Business school platforms like CEIBS have detailed my professional profile, while industry rankings have recognized my position among top investors. These pieces collectively narrate my story, investment ethos, and the milestones I have achieved in the Chinese tech investment scene, reflecting my role as a thought leader and influential figure in the field.

中欧商业评论: 天使投资者的洞见

复旦大学: 创投俱乐部8月特别活动 – Outlier Investor

人民网报道: 王利杰 – 真正的“独角兽”是在逆境中成长的

中国好天使: 王利杰 – 不依赖人性也不考验人性

中欧商学院教授简介: 王利杰

王利杰 Leo: 以1/10的概率博取1000倍的回报!

王利杰 Leo: 一位天使投资人的心路历程

投资家: 王利杰 Leo Wang

王利杰 Leo: 天使投资的元认识

王利杰 Leo: 智能硬件的48个关键词

王利杰 Leo: 把钱投给大黑马,但大黑马常有,伯乐不常有

王利杰 Leo: 教你看破天使投资的本质

王利杰 Leo: 天使投资的宇宙法则

王利杰 Leo: 我投了300家企业,活的这150家成了我的赚钱机器

影响中国的100位科技投资人: PreAngel – Leo Wang


投中胡润 2016年中国最佳早期投资人TOP30



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