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Updated: Nov 22, 2023

2013-11-14 16:20

“Respect” signifies seriousness and earnestness, while “awe” implies caution and vigilance. Reverence is an attitude humans adopt towards things.

I’ve observed that 80% of entrepreneurs lack reverence for successful market cases. They often criticize, stating Company A’s product is subpar, Company B’s technology is weak, Company C’s marketing is hype, Company D’s service is poor, Company E’s founder unreliable, and Company F’s investors are deceptive.

Reverence is a manifestation of the “empty cup mentality.” Only by maintaining reverence can one fully absorb the success of others, learn from their strengths, and improve oneself. The more knowledgeable a person, the more they are like a sponge, always ready to absorb the nourishment of knowledge.

Many young entrepreneurs dream of changing the world but lack this reverence, leading to harsh lessons that could have been avoided if they had respected the summarized experiences of predecessors.

In conversations with entrepreneurs, I pay attention to their sense of reverence. I ask about their views on competitors and industry leaders, gauging their analytical clarity and mindset, to see if they can learn from others’ successes and avoid past mistakes.

Investing is about investing in people. The one constant in life is change, yet the essence of things remains. The ability to discern essence, learn, understand, exhibit good character, and uphold virtue are the fundamentals of a person.

When I hear an entrepreneur dismiss an industry giant, I ponder whether they possess a higher understanding or are just arrogantly naive. Some despise competitors because they’ve done their homework, grasping the essence and weaknesses; others, with scant information, judge dismissively and are truly ignorant.

I respect the dedication of entrepreneurs who give their all and am willing to support them wholeheartedly. However, I refuse to support founders who are arrogantly complacent.

I hope everyone can respect facts, empty their cups, and embrace a humble reverence when starting a business. This is true wisdom.

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