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The “blackhorse” Investment Academy


The Heima Investment Academy

The Heima Investment Academy, founded by Entrepreneur Heima and Fenghou Capital, is dedicated to developing angel investors, VCs, PE professionals, M&A experts, and LPs for China’s venture capital institutions. The academy aims to cultivate professional angel investors with a global perspective, professional expertise, and practical experience to contribute new elites to China’s economic innovation and wealth creation.

The academy’s mentor team includes Xu Xiaoping, founder of ZhenFund; Zhou Hongyi, founder of Qihoo 360; Li Feng, founding partner of FreesFund; Yue Bin, founding partner of GaoRong Capital; and Wu Shichun, founding partner of Plum Angel, among others. The academy collaborates with nearly 50 funds, including Sequoia Capital, IDG, SoftBank China, Matrix Partners China, ZhenFund, and Innovation Works.

The Heima Investment Academy

Previous participants have seen substantial investment returns. Statistics show that the first cohort invested 500 million RMB across 398 projects, with the highest return on investment reaching 40 times. Notable successes include Jin Junfeng’s investment in YaoYaoLe yielding over 20 times return, He Wenbiao’s 8 times return from Yaxun in two years, Zhou Yiyu’s 26 times return from Yunhe Data, and Gao Hui’s 4 times return from Easy Storage.


The third cohort of the investment camp has been upgraded to include six modules: an opening ceremony, investment strategy, investment principles and laws, investment techniques and tools, practical investment, and graduation. Participants of the third cohort are partners of investment firms, executives of financial institutions and listed companies, or high-net-worth founders and partners with investment intentions, with at least 1 million RMB in liquid funds available for investment in the coming year.

The Heima Investment Academy

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