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2011 - Present

Founding Partner

PreAngel Fund


Founded in 2011, PreAngel Fund is among the most active angel funds in China, and arguably the first institutional angel fund in China, with investment check size ranging from $20k to $1 million. Hesai (HSAI) and Ehang (EH) have successfully listed on NASDAQ.  Furthermore, Medlinker, Shouqianba, Westwell, SuperMonkey and Dobot have all become unicorns. Neo, hailed as China's top blockchain project, is actively traded on Binance and other cryptocurrency exchanges.

2007 - 2011


Mobile2.0 Forum

Mobile2.0 Forum connects mobile internet professionals through monthly events, fostering collaboration among industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and specialists. With over hundreds top-tier events, the forum has cultivated a network of 5000+ industry elites and partnered with giants such as Qualcomm, Microsoft, Huawei, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, MediaTek, China Telecom, China Mobile, and the Symbian Foundation.

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2001 - 2004

Product Marketing Manager



Huawei, established in 1987, has become a prominent global entity in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector, offering a wide range of infrastructure and smart device solutions. With a workforce of 207,000, the company has a presence in over 170 countries and regions, reaching a global customer base of over three billion. Huawei is dedicated to integrating digital technologies into every aspect of daily life, with a vision of facilitating a universally connected and intelligent world for individuals, homes, and organizations.


1997 - 2001

Communication Engineering



Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications (XUPT), founded in 1950 and situated in the historical city of Xi'an, is a renowned institution jointly established by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Specializing in engineering and information science technology, XUPT offers a diverse curriculum that includes engineering, management, science, economics, humanities, law, and art. The university's academic environment is enriched by its two campuses: the traditional Old Campus near the Tang Dynasty's Wild Goose Pagoda in Yanta and the modern New Campus in Chang'An, set against the Zhongnan Mountains. Both campuses provide a tranquil setting that complements the university's educational and research activities.

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