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Hello Himalaya users, this is Hai Quan (海泉). I'm thrilled to share that my good friend Leo will soon be discussing angel investing on Himalaya. Leo, a diligent angel investor, has invested in over 300 mobile internet companies in the past 6 years, including Ehang, Hesai, Dobot, Med Linker, and SuperMonkey, achieving remarkable returns, some even hundreds of times over. Leo is an excellent mentor for those new to angel investing, with his vast experience, keen insight into people, and deep understanding of mobile internet and various tech sectors. Now, Himalaya listeners have the chance to learn from his wisdom on angel investing, understand his experiences, and hear stories from the entrepreneurs he's invested in. I look forward to interacting more with you alongside Leo and sharing our investment insights.

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By Leo Wang on 2017

With an initial investment of 100,000 yuan, or around 15,000 USD, one might consider traditional options like a bond fund, purchasing 100 shares of stock, or maybe even a small portion of property in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Shenzhen. However, I'd like to humbly offer a different perspective.

This modest sum can also be the starting point for angel investing. With careful insight and patience, it's possible to achieve returns that far exceed the initial outlay, sometimes by thousands or tens of thousands of times. Contrary to common perception, angel investing isn't just for the affluent or sophisticated investors. In my experience, it can be a practical and accessible form of investment.

I believe that with 100,000 yuan, even a novice investor has the potential to support a fledgling company that could grow into an industry leader, reaping substantial rewards in the process. Angel investing is not just about financial acumen; it's a journey for those who are wise and brave. Through my 42 insights into angel investing, I aim to guide others in starting their journey in this field, sharing the knowledge I've accumulated.

To explain angel investing simply, it involves funding a startup when you have confidence in its future success. If the startup advances from the angel round through to an IPO, the initial investment could significantly increase in value.

In the world of investments, angel investing is often considered one of the most rewarding options. For instance, an investment in the stock market might not always yield positive returns. However, early investments in companies like Facebook or Amazon are exemplary. Peter Thiel’s early investment in Facebook grew by about 15,000 times. Similarly, since its IPO in 1995, Amazon's market value has surged by more than 640 times. Angel investors in such companies have seen their investments multiply exponentially.


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