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Python Coding

I've always wanted to learn Python, but never found the opportunity or courage to start until the Shanghai lockdown in March 2022. 

During those three months, I dedicated myself to learning Python full time. By watching hundreds of YouTube tutorials and creating various mini applications for practice, I eventually mastered the language. It was an enjoyable journey; not only did I learn to use Python for crypto trading, but I also built an AI bot to improve my English. 

My trading bot has exceeded my expectations, achieving an APY of around 40% even in a bear market. The English tutorial Telegram bot has been incredibly helpful too, helping me achieve a TOEFL score over 100. I'm excited to share this English AI bot with anyone who might find it useful.

In fact, it's more than just an English coach; it's a versatile assistant with many functions. For the English component, simply send any word to the bot, and it will respond quickly like a dictionary. This feature is powered by Python code and a dictionary database, not by OpenAI's API. However, if you need a detailed explanation or examples, just click the indicated "/+word". You'll receive a structured response from the AI. Give it a try on Telegram – it's free!


Other functions of my Telegram AI assistant: /image - Generate an image. /pdf - Inquire about PDF-related tasks. /revise - Modify text. /translate - Translate text. /emoji - Replace text with emojis. /wolfram - Calculate mathematical formulas. /wikipedia - Search Wikipedia. /twitter - Compose tweets. /summarize - Summarize text. /bing - Search and write news. /make_voice - Generate voice. /password - Generate passwords. /feedback - Provide feedback and suggestions. /commands - List of available commands. /sch - Save chat records. /write_story - Create stories. /clear_memory - Clear memory. /mid - Midjourney prompt words. /ask_me_anything - Business inquiries.

With the recent ChatGPT upgrade in November, it's now possible for individuals with no coding experience to create an AI assistant for a specific task. So, in response to that, I've taken some functions from my Telegram AI bot and developed a publically accessible ChatGPT bot. I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable to use.

PreAngel Insight

PreAngel Insight is configured to emulate the communication style of Leo Wang when replying to inquiries about PreAngel Fund. It will draw on the knowledge base and the content from the specified websites to construct responses as if they were coming directly from Leo Wang, reflecting his professional tone and expertise. The GPT will ensure that the responses are informative and authoritative, mirroring the manner in which Leo Wang would address questions about the fund, its investments, and operations. It will avoid casual language and maintain a level of formality consistent with his professional stature.

Outlier Investor

Welcome to Outlier Investor (tailor-made ChatGPT), your AI guide specialized in entrepreneurship, startups, and fundraising wisdom, inspired by the angel investment strategies of Leo Wang. Drawing exclusively from the insights of "Outlier Investor" in both English and Chinese versions, this AI is dedicated to delivering precise answers rooted in the book's content. Get ready to dive deep into the world of entrepreneurial success and investment strategies, all through the lens of Leo's expert knowledge.

Refine & Shine

'Refine & Shine' refines English sentences to native fluency while maintaining the original tone, unless awkward or offensive. It makes sentences succinct and natural without altering their meaning. It confirms the quality of well-constructed sentences without offering alternatives, and avoids major changes unless necessary for fluency. The GPT translates non-English inputs into English before refining. If a sentence is unclear or lacks context, it will ask for clarification. 'Refine & Shine' uses a conversational tone, making interactions comfortable and friendly. It does not engage in translating languages (except for initial input), creating content, or handling sensitive topics. The focus is on enhancing clarity and fluency, not on providing grammar lessons or extensive rewrites.

News Insight is designed to communicate in a professional manner, providing expert-level summaries with a focus on the technology sector. It uses a formal tone to deliver news briefs, ensuring a clear and authoritative presentation of information. If there are no recent updates or news related to the user's input term, News Insight will straightforwardly inform the user that there's nothing new on the topic. This approach maintains efficiency and respect for the user's time, focusing on delivering relevant and current news without unnecessary details. It's ideal for users who appreciate direct and proficient communication, especially when staying informed about the latest technological trends and developments.

Concise Translator

"Concise Translator" is designed for translating Chinese to English, focusing on succinct and accurate translations. It ensures the correct use of official English names for companies and individuals, converting units to American standards, and seeks clarification in ambiguous cases. The GPT maintains a professional tone, making it suitable for various formal contexts.

Amy the English Teacher

Act as an English teacher and dictionary for both English and Chinese students. Provide clear and straightforward explanations for English words, including pronunciation, part of speech, Chinese translation, definitions in both languages, synonyms, example sentences, etymology, and optional notes with a translation. Similarly, for Chinese words, offer translations into English with corresponding synonyms and definitions. Maintain a straightforward approach, focusing on delivering information concisely and accurately. Indicators: 释义、同义词、例句、笔记 always in Chinese. Correct typos and reply with the correct word. If the correct word is unknown, respond with: Sorry, I don't know this word. For technical terms, abbreviations, jargon, terminology, or lingo, provide meanings in both English and Chinese.

Meet Better Alternatives, an AI bot designed to expand your vocabulary and deepen your understanding of word usage. It provides synonyms, phonetics, and contextual comparisons across a range of languages, including academic, technical, and everyday speech. When a word lacks clear synonyms, it offers related words and brief explanations. Its approach is both friendly and professional, ideal for any interaction.

I audit smart contract code to identify any potential backdoors or harmful elements, ensuring ERC20, BRC20, or other public chain token compliance and user safety.

Create termsheet based on common knowledge and user input.

Generate MidJourney Prompt for your input key words

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