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Confidence is the foundation of all economic activities

Sitting on a flight from San Francisco to Shanghai once again, I reflect on my immense gains from Silicon Valley: in projects, information, and mindset.

During my two-week investment trip in the US, I pondered over several questions amidst the backdrop of a domestic stock market plunge and financial crisis rumors. As an angel investor, this situation made me reconsider my views on the capital game, human nature, women in business, technological innovation, robotics, entrepreneurship, investment philosophy, and the meaning of life. Despite not being formally educated in finance or economics, my understanding of the capital market comes from a perspective of a business owner. I see the capital market as a financing arena for businesses and a platform for early investors to liquidate their shares. However, the nature of the market is more complex. I'm aware that the primary market often involves tough negotiations with professional investment institutions, leading to a low valuation of companies. In contrast, the secondary market seems riskier with its inflated valuations and stock bubbles. The astronomical price-to-earnings ratios of some stocks in the A-share market highlight this risk. Here, the game is more about speculation, with many investors lacking a deep understanding of the businesses they invest in.

Despite these challenges, the primary market, especially for angel investors like me, seems to be in a better position. The risk here is comparatively lower than in the secondary market. Over the years, my investments in numerous startups, some of which failed and others thrived, have taught me that angel investing is about perseverance and belief in innovation.

During my US trip, I focused on investments in American tech startups and observed rising female entrepreneurial power. Women understand the consumer market better, especially female consumers. Their growing socio-economic status and natural managerial skills make them formidable entrepreneurs. Moreover, with technological advancements, the future seems bright for both women and tech startups.

I strongly believe that the essence of economic prosperity boils down to 'confidence'. If everyone is confident about the future, their actions will be guided towards prosperity. As for my role, I continue to invest in early-stage startups, believing that technology and innovation are the real drivers of progress. This faith guides my investment philosophy, which is rooted in the conviction that despite the risks and uncertainties, betting on innovative ideas and committed teams is worth the effort. Confidence is indeed the cornerstone of all economic activities. Building on this conviction, I explore various aspects of the startup ecosystem, recognizing the interplay between angel investing, innovation, and broader economic trends.

The rise of robotics and technology in startups has been a key focus. Investing in companies developing hotel service robots, retail assistance robots, and other specialized robotic applications highlights the potential of these technologies to revolutionize industries. These startups, although high-risk, embody the transformative power of tech innovation.

Investing in startups, particularly in tech and robotics, aligns with my philosophy of fostering progress. This strategy not only mitigates the higher risks associated with the secondary market but also contributes to meaningful advancements. My experiences reinforce the belief that the primary market, especially for early-stage tech ventures, is more promising and less risky than the speculative nature of the secondary market.

Furthermore, the empowerment of female entrepreneurs has become increasingly apparent. Their unique insights into consumer behavior, coupled with their growing economic independence and managerial skills, make them potent forces in the business world. My investments in startups led by women reflect this trend and belief in their potential.

In summary, my journey as an angel investor revolves around a deep belief in technology and innovation as key drivers of progress, coupled with an appreciation for the evolving role of women in business. Confidence in these areas guides my investment decisions, shaping a philosophy that values potential and transformation over short-term gains. This approach, I believe, is not only financially sound but also contributes to societal progress, aligning with the fundamental belief that confidence is indeed the foundation of all economic activities.

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