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2023 New Portfolio:

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

New family member of PreAngel Portfolio: Democratizing Algorithmic Trading

In recent discussions with friends about the evolving applications of AI, we stumbled upon a compelling trend: the democratization of algorithmic trading. This shift is monumental, making sophisticated data-driven decision-making tools, once exclusive to large funds, accessible to individual investors. As someone deeply intrigued by the democratization of capabilities, this revelation spurred me to delve deeper.

The youtube video brought me to Adrien Nava on Dec 6, 2023

My exploration led me to FinChat, an open-source AI trained extensively with financial data. A notable offshoot, FinGPT-Forecaster, predicts the potential weekly rise or fall of stocks, a tool that previously seemed unattainable for the average investor.

While researching FinGPT through YouTube, I chanced upon a vlogger named Andrien Nava, who introduced his project, described as "The Citadel of Consumer and Corporate Alternative Data." on their twitter. Nava's platform aggregates diverse social data to aid investors in decision-making. He also runs a Social Arbitrage Fund, boasting an impressive annual return of 57% over the past three years.

Out of curiosity, I reached out to Nava and scheduled a Google Meet. At just 21, with six years of work experience, Nava, a serial entrepreneur, exhibited maturity and insight far beyond his years. He comprehensively introduced and his Social Arbitrage Fund, capturing my full attention and admiration. His work epitomizes the democratization of algorithmic investing, offering a potent data tool platform and community for investors, and serving as a vital 'primer' for his algorithm to unearth investment opportunities.

The concept is straightforward yet ingenious. When a stock experiences a sudden spike in investor searches, the AI algorithm swiftly conducts a comprehensive analysis of the company's social data, assessing if it presents an early investment opportunity.

Traditional quantitative investment institutions often purchase various data, like credit card transaction records, to supplement their decision-making. If, for example, a company producing energy drinks shows a significant uptick in social media traffic, it's prudent to analyze this as a potential precursor to increased sales. I am a firm believer in leveraging comprehensive social data to anticipate and predict future company performance trends.

Impressed by Nava's vision and execution, I expressed my intention to invest in his startup. Having sustained his venture through his algorithmic trading profits for the past three years without external funding, my investment marks a new chapter as his first angel investor, an honor indeed. Besides investing in his company, I am also participating in his Social Arbitrage Fund. This dual approach serves as both a financial venture and a litmus test for recommending it to a broader circle, should it prove as promising as it appears.

In this age where technology blurs the lines between the elite and the masses, tools like are not just innovations but harbingers of a more inclusive financial future. As we embrace this paradigm shift, the democratization of algorithmic trading heralds a new era of investment empowerment, accessible to all.


Download PDF • 1.94MB

The "Social Arbitrage Fund" PDF details an innovative investment strategy that utilizes a variety of alternative data sources to gain a competitive edge in the financial markets. Here's a brief summary from ChatGPT:

  1. Unique Approach: The fund capitalizes on diverse alternative data sources, including consumer behavior, social and economic trends, and corporate insights. This broad data spectrum allows for deeper market analysis and prediction of market volatility.

  2. TickerTrends Platform: A key component of the fund's strategy is the TickerTrends data platform, which provides insights into the research activities of other market participants. This exclusive data, derived from user interactions on the platform, gives the fund a unique advantage.

  3. Competitive Edge: The fund's approach involves tracking the entire consumer journey, from discovery to purchase, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of market trends.

  4. Fund Philosophy: The core philosophy emphasizes the importance of a multifaceted data approach, integrating consumer behavior, social dynamics, economic patterns, and corporate intelligence for preemptive market trend identification.

  5. Risk Management: The fund emphasizes hedging against company and sector-specific risks, such as public relation challenges and leadership changes, to safeguard investments.

  6. Fund Overview: Strategies include long and short positions in U.S. equities, use of options and futures for hedging and capitalizing on market movements, and equity selection based on various signals and proprietary data.


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